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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Freising is a city situated near two hills. Back in the Middle Ages, Freising was an important city as the seat of a bishopric and a major religious center. St. Corbinian settled at a shrine in Freising around 724. On the city's coat of arms is a saddled bear. This stems from the story of St. Corbinian in which it was said that while traveling a bear attacked and killed his packhorse. Corbinian is said to have told the bear that since he'd killed the horse, he would have to take its place. All over the city there are adorable statutes of bears painted in a variety of ways. It received city rights under Emperor Otto III in 996, but with the founding of nearby Munich in 1150, it gradually lost its economic power. Today it is a quaint city that is best known for the Abbey and church on one hill and the oldest brewery in the world situated on the other. Enjoy some pictures of this picturesque town.

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