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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Adopting Alyssa Contest, Part 2
As you know from the book, little Alyssa has been adopted twice in her short lifetime. But, like most children, she's resilient. What happened to her first set of adoptive parents?

Paperwork is a necessary evil when it comes to adoptions. I've often wondered if we haven't caused more problems than we've solved by requiring so much to be documented. On the other hand, I'm sure having something documented has saved many people grief down the road. In the book, Helen is gathering papers to complete the adoption. One of the things she has to acquire is Alyssa's original birth certificate so that once the adoption is complete, Jason and Kelly's names can be put on the certificate. Where was Alyssa born?

Send your answers to my email address (lower right corner of this page). Right now things are up in the air, but my plan is to collect answers until August 4 and list the winner(s) on August 5. If that changes I'll let you know.

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