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Thursday, June 07, 2007
Changes, Changes
I'm slowly teaching myself the rudiments of HTML. I still don't understand it all, but I've figure out enough (mainly by trial and error) to completely change the look of my blog. It's still under construction, but I like the way it looks much better. Do you?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think and I'll throw everyone's name who comments into a hat for a special prize drawing when I get back from Germany at the end of the month.

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Blogger KimW said...
Very nice change! I like it and its easy to view everything you've included.

Blogger robynl said...
Wow, the blue makes the site seem cool and inviting and relaxing. I l i k e it. A change is good.
Good for you on the trial and error; I'm too scared to try things like that and leave them to dh.

Blogger Diana Castilleja said...
I like it a lot Denise! It's very cozy... makes me want to curl up and read... :) Hey it works! LOLOL

Blogger Donica Covey said...
Hey girl!

Love the new look. I'd love to be able to do HTML but I'm not sure I could ever get the hang of it all.

So anyway. Battywishes.

Link me up if you want!

Have a great time and be safe!
Donica Covey

Blogger Glamorous Redneck said...
I like the clouds in the background! Very relaxing!


Blogger Grace Tyler said...
Denise, I really like the cloud theme. Also, I keep meaning to tell you I like "heaven begins with HEA." Very clever.

I changed my blog too. It feels good when they have their own look!

Blogger Grace Tyler said...
Oh yeah. I'd love to be linked to your site.

Anonymous Tina said...
I love the change! It's a great look. Maybe, if I ever decide to blog, I'll ask you how.


Blogger Babe King said...
Looking good, chickie.

Blogger Kimberly L said...
I think it's great. It's more interesting. I like the way you've designed it and the colors go right with it.

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