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Thursday, May 17, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen things I've done since my last Thursday Thirteen.

1. Finished the first round of edits on The Importance of Almack's.
2. Started and finished the 30 Hour Famine. It was a fabulous experience. (See Wordless Wednesday post and explanation in the first comment.) The kids are already looking forward to doing it again next year.
3. Watched my sister graduate and receive her MBA. It was awesome and I'm so glad my daughter talked me into going. As usual, I was thinking I was indispensable and she showed me that she was up to the challenge of taking charge of 12 teenagers and keeping them on track and on task. And, she's only 21!
4. Mostly watched the kids do an awesome job conducting morning Worship on Sunday.
5. Spent Sunday afternoon with my Dad and sisters and had a wonderful time. Took my Dad back to the airport before returning to the church.
6. Took down the 2900 lights we'd hung for the 30 Hour Famine. Only four kids showed up, one of whom hadn't even done the Famine. But, it's always easier to take stuff down than to put it up, so it was still easy. I took them out for ice cream after we were done.
7. We're still tabulating how much we raised, but projections look like approximately $3500. That's the most we've ever raised!
8. Back to work on Monday - only slightly sleep-deprived.
9. Had to play catch-up on all my groups and email since I was offline all weekend.
10. Playing catch-up took me all week, which explains why there are no posts for last week.
11. Finally dropped my son's graduation announcements in the mail this Monday, only to discover that postage has gone up to .41 and I only put .39 postage on them. The guy at the post office assures me that they will probably be delivered anyway. One can only hope!
12. Received my second round of edits for The Importance of Almack's, and started to work on them.
13. Wrote this Thursday Thirteen. So, now I'm headed for bed after I post it. Good night!


Blogger Mz Jackson said...
Congrats on raising so much money! Have a restful day, you've earned it.

Blogger Lyn Perry said...
Busy life! Thanks for stopping by my T-13. Wish you well on your latest writing project. lgp

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Always love your blog, Denise.

Blogger Cora Zane said...
Wow! You've been busy! Congrats on a successful week. :)

Blogger Chelle said...
Wow, you have been busy! And, congrats to your sister! What an acomplishment!

Blogger Dana said...
That was one busy week!

Blogger Carmen said...
looks like you need that sleep! busy busy!

Blogger Diana Castilleja said...
What a week! So much progress, for you and your family. That's wonderful!

Blogger Laura said...
That's certainly a lot on your plate. Congratulations on the fundraising effort! I'd love to hear about your experience doing the 30-hr famine!
(Thanks for swinging by my place too.)

Blogger Qtpies7 said...
My daughter did the famine, too.

Blogger Kim said...
I know you've heard it before...but what a busy week! Congrats on all the money you raised. That is wonderful!

Blogger Lori said...
Sounds like a great week:)

Anonymous SusieJ said...
I'm touched by your wordless Wednesday. So beautiful, and great job on your part.

Blogger Samantha Lucas said...
Sounds like you had a good week! :)

Inspiring list! Congratulations on raising all that money!

Blogger Elle Fredrix said...
$3500! That's great. Congrats on doing this.

Oh, and cograts on the edits as well! :o)

Blogger RED GARNIER said...
You've been busy Denise!! =) At least boredom isn't on there. Love your blog, will be coming back.

Anonymous This Eclectic Life said...
Wow! You've been deserve a break.

Awesome job with the famine, Denise! Glad to see you online and visiting again, too. Your visits always make me smile.

Hope you'll come by more often!

Happy TT!

Blogger Marilyn said...
What a list! You have time to blog?

Blogger Joely Sue Burkhart said...
Wow, you've certainly been busy! Great work on those edits!

Anonymous Frances said...
Congrats to your sister & son.
Saying a little prayer that all invites are delivered!
Thanks for visiting my TT
Take care,

Blogger Dragonheart said...
It's been a busy week! Congratulations on a successful 30 Hour Famine!

Congrats on the edits, Denise. I'm sure it will turn out to be a great book.

Take care.

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