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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Miles of books
I love to read. I like to write, too. And research. So, it's no secret that I probably love libraries. They are wonderful places where one can get lost among the stacks or find a book and get lost among the pages. Introducing a child to a library can open minds to the wonders of the world. It provides limitless fodder for young, growing minds and imaginations. As a society, we would be much poorer without public libraries.

So, it's my pleasure to announce the birthday of one of the largest public libraries in the country. Cue the music. Happy birthday to you. . .

Today's fact and question.
On May 23, 1895 a plan was signed that would create this library. Construction was started soon afterwards. It took over 15 years, but on May 23, 1911, this library was dedicated and the very next day opened to the public. Which library is it?


Blogger robynl said...
The New York Public Library

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Hi Robyn. Sorry it's been so long - I'm neck-deep in edits. I think I'm done for a while, so I'll be out more often.

Congratulations on the right answer.

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