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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Dates I Keep Track Of

1. January 9 - my birthday
2. February 9 - brother-in-law's birthday
3. March 11 - Mom's birthday
4. March 24 - my anniversary & goddaughter's birthday
5. March 31 - sister's birthday
6. April 12 - Dad's birthday
7. April 24 - sister's birthday
8. June 14 - brother's birthday
9. July 13 - son's birthday
10. July 25 - husband's birthday
11. September 20 - sister's birthday
12. November 13 - brother-in-law & best friend's birthday
13. December 13 - daughter's birthday

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Anonymous Xilly said...
May, August & October will be peace in mind for the birthday gift. :P

Happy TT!

Anonymous she said...
13 on your list and we have not a single date in common.

So, do you have any difficulty remembering to send cards on these dates? I'm horrible at getting them out on time.

Blogger Ingrid said...
wow!!! so nice of you to remember all those dates!!! those guys are so lucky to have you in their lives!!

Blogger Robin said...
Very organized. I'm constantly forgetting birthdays.

Blogger Lori said...
Thats a lot of dates to keep track of:)

Anonymous Annie said...
I'm so terrible at keeping track of birthdays and such. I have them all written down in my planner and I still forget!

Happy TT!

Blogger mar said...
This is a great idea for a TT! happy belated bday to your sister.
Happy thirteening :)

Blogger thecabinet said...
You forgot December 12th....MY b-day !!

Anonymous Ashley said...
Definitely a lot of dates you should remember! Good thing you do. :) I don't have any dates in common either!

Blogger Cindy said...
Great idea for a TT, Denise!

Blogger TopChamp said...
13th November is my wee sister's birthday.. but that's the only one we share. I need to make this list for my family - try to organise a bit more.

Happy TT!

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