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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #4
My apologies in advance if I don't get back to your TT. I am away at a two-day seminar and may or may not be able to get online. Thank you for visiting mine!

Thirteen Sports I have played or participated in. . .
1. Tennis - I learned from my Dad when I was nine; played all four years in High School and still play in local leagues
2. Track - my Senior year of HS a girls' track team was formed; I took third in Regionals that year in the Long Jump
3. Ice Hockey - my Junior year of college a women's ice hockey team was formed; I wasn't very good at stopping on my skates (was too used to figure skates), but I made a goal in one of our games
4. Cheerleading - three years in college; enough said
5. Flag Football - back in HS it was called Powder Puff for girls and only played between the classes, but it was fun
6. Roller Skating - I started my skating years with a set of "key" skates; if you know what those are, you're OLD!!
7. Gymnastics - I loved tumbling and the trampoline, but was never good enough to actually compete
8. Basketball - for some reason being nearly 5'9" meant that P.E. teachers thought I should be good at this; I wasn't
9. Handball/Racquetball - I quit playing this when I realized it was ruining my tennis game
10. Soccer - my husband coached my son's team for a while and sometimes the parents would get out and play against the kids for practice and exercise; not for the faint of heart; kids are ruthless!
11. Softball - I played in a local church league for about five years, but eventually had to stop
12. Billiards - my grandfather owned a pool table; enough said
13. Horseback riding - well, I've only actually been on a horse ONCE, but it was enough!

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Blogger Factor 10 said...
I am a complete klutz. The sum total of my athletic ability could be contained in a thimble. I scare people. :)

Blogger Danielle said...
How sporty you are Denise.
I haven't played on any team but I liked basketball, biking, hiking, pool, and hide and go seek.

Take care and enjoy the day

Blogger Lynn said...
Wow! You're so full of energy. I wish I can master even just one sport.

Impressive list. Mine goes like this: Ice hockey. Bicycling. Gym rat.

All of which I came to at the tender age of twenty-some!

Happy TT and hope the seminar's a good one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow, you're active, :)

Michelle Pillow, Author Blog

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wow, that's great you've participated in so many sports! I enjoy riding a motorcycle with my husband, and in the past I rode a bicycle a lot. I've also done a lot of running in the past (my knee can't deal with that these days), and I've played softball, badminton, and basketball. I also like roaming around in the mountains where I live! :)

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Blogger Becka said...
Sports? Never played 'em. I did used to ride a horse back in the day, but only for recreation. We used to have a pony long, long ago. My dad also had a pool table, so I got "fairly" good at that. But if it involves "sweat" and "endurance", I'm not interested. LOL

But that's why I'm fat. :P


Blogger JAM said...
I like riding bicycles. Lifting weights before I ruined my back. Hopefully you still keep up with some of these and stay in shape.

Blogger Dane Bramage said...
I wish I were as involved today in sports as I was in school. I would be in better shape. Not that round isn't a shape.

My Thursday Thirteen is up. It's #36 and it is 13 things about my friend Scott's book Trucker's Tales. Stop by if you get a chance.

Blogger Miscellaneous-Mum said...
Ice Hockey scares me. We don't have it here, and whenever I see it on TV it blows me away!

Thanks for visitng me! :)

Wow! You've done it all. I love watching ice hockey but I should never be on tiny blades on a slippery surface. I'm a much better spectator.

Blogger Darla said...
Wow! That's quite a lot. I always thought I wasn't athletic, but then I joined the army and did great on my PT tests--it did wonders for my self-confidence. :)

Blogger Christine said...
Oooh I love playing pool! My husband and I used to play all the time before we had kids. :)

I miss those days...

Blogger KarenW said...
That's a lot of sports! I did gymnastics for a semester in high school and enjoyed that. Have a great time at your conference!

Blogger PJ said...
That's a really impressive list. I haven't taken part in an actual sport since school. (Apart from the couple of times when I played Badminton with some workmates.)

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