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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Library of Congress

As a book lover, I couldn't let today pass by without a look at the Library of Congress. Established on April 24, 1800 by President John Adams, the initial appropriation was for $5,000, and the Library of Congress was born.

One of the largest libraries in the world, it is America's national library. It was originally housed in the Capitol building, but when British troops sacked and burned the Capitol in 1814, the fledgling library went up in smoke. In January 1815, Congress appropriated $23,950 to purchase 6,487 books.

Today's question: The books Congress purchased in 1815 to "seed" a new Library of Congress were the personal collection of what famous American?

Seventy million books in America's libraries, but the one you want to read is always out. ~~Tom Masson


Blogger robynl said...
retired President Thomas Jefferson offered his personal library as a replacement.

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