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Friday, April 06, 2007
Good Friday and Art
Since today is Good Friday and I hope everyone is looking forward to Easter, I thought I give you a Good Friday visual. The Crucifixion by Raphael. This is how it is described in the National Gallery in London, where it hangs:
One of Raphael's earliest works, greatly influenced by Perugino, this served as the altarpiece of the side chapel in S. Domenico in Città di Castello, the stone frame of which is dated 1503. As is usual, the Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist stand on either side of the cross. In this case, Saints Jerome and Mary Magdalene also kneel before it. Angels catch Christ's blood in chalices, such as are used for the wine of the Mass. The predella was painted with episodes from the life of Saint Jerome, to whom the altar was dedicated.

Today's Question:
Raphael's last painting was The Transfiguration, which was unfinished on his death. It was probably finished by one of his students. Raphael died on his 37th birthday in what year?

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Blogger KimW said...

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Easter!

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