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Monday, April 16, 2007
Battle of Culloden Moor
Students of English/Scottish history are aware of the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie. The grandson of the deposed James II, he managed to raise an army and give the English a scare. Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Silvester Maria Stuart was said to be very personable and well-liked. He was the rallying point for the Jacobite cause. Jacobite, a derivation of the Latin version of James (Jacobus), was a term given to those who supported the claim of the Catholic Stuarts to the thrones of England and Scotland.

Charles relied heavily on promises from the French to back his claim with supplies and an army. And, while France supported his claim, there was either a misunderstanding as to the extent of their assistance, or France made promises without intending to keep them. Either way, the lack of substantial assistance from the French doomed his campaign.

This Day in History: The last major battle fought in Great Britain, the Battle of Culloden Moor, was fought on this day between a Jacobite force of approximately 5,400 and an English army of nearly 9,000. The English won a decisive victory, extinguishing the Stuart claims forever. What year was it?

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Blogger Robyn Mills said...
16th April 1746.... Did you know that he escaped disguised as a maid and forever regretted not dying on Cullodon Moor with his followers. He was succeeded by a daughter who was his only companion when he died and he is buried in St. Peter's in Rome.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
LOL, Robyn, I knew about him escaping disguised as a maid, but didn't know that he regretted dying at Culloden that day. Much of what I read has said that his followers encouraged him to escape in the hope that he would return to fight another day.

I have always found it fascinating that so long after England "threw out the Pope" the Catholics were still fighting for and trying to regain power in England.

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