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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Wordless Wednesday
Picture not showing, waah!

There we go! Adorable!

Blogger Beckie said...
She is a cutie~learning young! Thanks for coming by My Photo Blog.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Blogger GreenEyedGirl said...
way too cute!!

Blogger Jamie said...
Obviously a future math whiz

Blogger Holly said...
Is that a calculator? She's ready for the office!


Blogger Denise Patrick said...
You got it, Jamie. That little kid is about to graduate college with a Math major and Physics minor. She's looking at graduate schools right now for a Math program leading to a PhD. *sigh* And I'm lucky I can add 2+2.

Blogger Amelia Elias said...
Future math whiz right there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Awww - very sweet! Are you going to show that at her graduation? It shows what was to come :-)

Blogger Imma ( Alice) said...
What a beautiful baby!!!!

Blogger KimW said...
oh, how cute!

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