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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things about Denise Patrick

Thirteen words I'm glad are no longer in common usage in the English language:

1. culch (great quantity of rain) - I can hear it now. "The weather forecast for next week is for culch.
2. skingy (cold or nippy weather) - "It'll be skingy next week." Yeah, sure.
3. ramjollock (to shuffle cards) - "C'mon Dan, just do the ramjollock so we can play." Hmmm. Do what?
4. bossacks (a fat, lazy woman) - I don't think I want to go there.
5. elucubrate (to do a thing by candlelight) - If you can pronounce it, then by all means, do whatever you want.
6. shazzying (dancing) - I wonder if "sashaying" developed from this one?
7. fagot (a badge worn in medieval times by those who recanted heretical opinions) - Enough said.
8. axwaddle (a dealer in ashes) - Do we want to know who would buy his commodity?
9. celebaterian (an unmarried person) - Do you suppose an "r" was left out of this one?
10. pollyfox (to equivocate) - I suppose it's not a bad word, but then again, I'm not sure I like it either.
11. poupics (victuals made of veal steaks and slices of bacon) - "Pass the poupics." This is the kind of meal we call a "heart attack" meal in our house. Can you feel your arteries clogging just reading about it?
12. blodeo (a boxing tournament) - I don't think heading out for the blodeo sounds like you're headed for the boxing ring.
13. twistical (not quite moral) - Um. Yeah. Maybe, considering today's society, we shoulda kept this one.

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Blogger Shoshana said...
Denise, I absolutely love your list. I am so glad we didn't get culch today, and that I didn't met an axwaddle while shopping with an octagenarian *sp?*

I could have used some elucubrate tonight, but due to some people's pollyfoxing, I just felt like a bossacks wanting a blodeo.

Anonymous christine said...
I totally loved your list - we're both linguaphiles.

It seems we're somewhat in sync as my list this time round is all about weird and wonderful words that begin with the letter Z.

Blogger Cordia Amant said...
That's great. I love words, especially funny, obsolete ones that will get you a room full of stares if you ever use one of them.

Thanks for the list!

Blogger Tink said...
I only knew #7. Very interesting list, although I don't think I'll ever use any of those words. ;-)
My TT lists 13 of the cars we owned before our current one.

Blogger Coco said...
Ugh, I just had a spelling bee competition at campus earlier today, sure glad these words aren't on the word list...

Interesting list, though :)

Skingy. I like that. It's pretty skingy here now.

Blogger Amelia Elias said...
Blodeo sounds more like... um... an adult event! Another alternate meaning for fagot--a branch of wood to be used making a fire, or a torch. My father had to explain this to me when I was a child and read the Hardy Boys Mysteries, one of which included a description of a mark over a hidden door. It was marked with a pair of crossed, flaming fagots.

Torches. It's torches, people!

Anonymous Jaci Burton said...
I love learning new words. Glad those are some I don't have to learn *g*

Blogger Jamie said...
Gee we need to bring back the door to door axwaddle. There must be some modern use for those ashes (old time it was for soap).

Blogger Karen Erickson said...
Oh I loved your list! Great words. Twistical - I need to start using that one. ;)

Blogger May said...
I like twistical.

Blodeo.. Reminds me of Blodeuwedd (I hope I spelt that right).

Blogger Becka said...
What a great list!! :D I chuckled at a few of those. A few others I'm going to strive to use in every day speech. LOL

DH: "You did what, now?"



Blogger Annie said...
Such a fun list! I think I like poupics best. :)

Wonder what year it would be when we can add words like "bling" and "jiggy" to this list.

Happy TT!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Awesome list!


Blogger Ciar Cullen said...
Oh, that is soooo cool. I love this list! More more more

Blogger whenn said...
This is a FANTASTIC list! Thank you it was very entertaining! I'm really glad those words aren't used anymore too!

Blogger Robyn Mills said...
Great list. I love words too.

Blogger busy91 said...
I have to say I read a lot but have not come across most of them. Great list.

Blogger Danielle said...
That is a great list. I like pollyfox, though. It sounds great. I just completed my first thursday thirteen and scanning other thirteeners, this post however got you bookmarked.

Wishing you well

Anonymous Karen said...
Yay - more words!
I wonder how twistical I am?

Blogger Mitchypoo said...
Ver interesting list, enjoyed it! My TT is up, come by if you get a chance!

Blogger djeblog said...
I don't get it english grammar

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