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Monday, March 05, 2007
Mary Elizabeth Garrett
Born on this day in 1854, she was a major principal in the establishment of one of the premier medical schools in the country.

Mary Elizabeth Garrett was the youngest and only daughter of John Work Garrett, owner of the B & O Railroad. She grew up amid wealth and privilege, and learned at an early age that with great wealth comes great responsibility. From her father and grandfather, she learned the value of business and philanthropy.

Despite all her advantages, she was still a woman and felt distinctly the disadvantage of her sex. As a young woman, she'd often accompanied her father and participated with him in business ventures. After his death, the same men she'd dealt with by her father's side refused to acknowledge her.

She spent the rest of her life opening doors and opportunities for women, most likely because she herself had been denied such opportunities. She became interested in schools, donating large amounts of money to Bryn Mawr and at least one other in order to help establish and solidify their financial footing. Her charitable donations, however, always came with strings which benefited women.

She was also involved in the suffrage movement, associating with Susan B. Anthony, Anna Howard Shaw, and Julia Ward Howe, and provided large donations to that movement as well.

Today's Question: Mary Elizabeth Garrett personally donated most of the money which allowed a now-prominent medical school to open its doors to its first class. One of the stipulations which accompanied the donation was that women would be admitted and treated the same as men. The school, which up until then would not allow women to attend classes with men, eventually agreed. Name that school.


Blogger KimW said...
Johns Hopkins Hospital and medical school

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Good job, Kim!

Blogger robynl said...
for your contest, do you just pull a name for the winner or is it the one who answers most of the questions right? Thanks.

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Hi Robyn. What I do is this: I keep a chart of numbers 1-31 and each day I put the person's name on it beside the day they get the correct answer. At the end of the month, I have a plastic container with little balls in it numbered 1-31. I usually have someone else in the house pull one of the balls out. This month it was my daughter. Whichever number is pulled, I match with the person who answered the question right on that day. This month the number pulled was 23.

So, while it is not necessarily the one who gets the most questions right, the more questions you get right, the higher your chance of winning.

I hope this answers your question.

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