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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Battle of Towton
On Palm Sunday, March 29, 1461, the bloodiest battle of the Wars of the Roses was fought on a plateau between the villages of Towton and Saxton in Yorkshire. It is said that over 30,000 died that day.

In simple terms (because it was, in actuality, very complex) The Wars of the Roses was a war of succession for the crown of England between the Yorks and Lancasters. And, while we know who won (a relative term considering the casualties), there are still many mysteries surrounding the war that will never be solved.

Today's Question: Which side won the Battle of Towton?


Blogger Brenda Williamson said...
I've never read much on this era and now you're got me interested. I blame you now, for surely I'll go surfing for infor on War of the Roses all day :-)

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
I won't claim you started it because I've been doing history posts here since January, but you made me think today with your TT post. I had to go back and re-visit some of my favorite research places. So there - it's not quite all your fault, but it's not all mine either. *ggg*

Anonymous Misslionheart said...

(I'm a Lancashire Lass!)

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Gee, Misslionheart, I'm sorry to say you're wrong. Try again - but hurry or someone else will get here first! (After all there are only two choices.)

Blogger robynl said...
the Yorks

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Right again, Robyn

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