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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
More Random Facts
When I wrote my Saturday post of Random Facts, I hadn't read far enough ahead. It seems February REALLY wasn't a good month for English Queens. On this day in 1542, Catherine Howard (5th wife of Henry VIII) was beheaded. The excuse - extra marital affairs, some of which supposedly happened even before she married Henry. How, you might ask, could affairs that happened before she was married be considered adulterous? Your guess is as good as mine. But, considering Henry VIII's court was rife with political intrigues, it's anyone's call.

In Black History. . .
1923 - the first black professional basketball team was organized; it was called "Renaissance"

This Day in History: On February 13, 1875 the first set of quintuplets was born in this country. The boys all died within hours of the birth. What was the mother's name?


Blogger robynl said...
1875 Edna Kanouse- gave birth to the first quintuplets in America. Sadly, all five boys died shortly after

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
It was sad, wasn't it. I remember as a child being fascinated by the story of the Dionne quintuplets. They were born the same year as my parents and I remember seeing stories, and even reading the book about them. It was such a tragedy that they were so horribly exploited. It scarred them for their lives.

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