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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Mistakes were made. . .
And I made one yesterday. That comment about Arkansas - well, I was reading ahead and wasn't paying attention. It actually happened February 28 (in those sources that give it a specific date).

As for today, well there was the continuance of the "Exodus of 1879" as former slaves moved from the South to the North, many settling in Kansas. In Rhode Island on this date in 1778, the General Assembly authorized the enlistment of slaves. In 1708, the first slave revolt was recorded on Long Island, NY. Eleven people died.

As for women's history, this day marks the beginning of a historical tragedy. On this day in 1692, the first warrants are issued in what would become the Salem Witch Trials. Since the majority of those who were accused and executed were women, it seems fitting to list it under that banner.

And now for today's News of the Wierd: On this day in 1646, Roger Scott was tried for sleeping in church in Massachusetts. The Puritans were quite a serious bunch.

This Day in History: Monopoly anyone? On this date in ________, the B&O Railroad is chartered.


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You're on a roll, Robyn!!

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