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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
The Good, the Bad. . .and the Sad
I'm not much of a sports person. I will watch the occasional game if I happen to be in the same room as the TV, but I won't go out of my way to do so. There are some sports I like more than others, but I prefer to play when I can - which leaves out football and basketball.

For many reasons (and I don't intend to make a statement about society as a whole and its values) sports has been the avenue of choice for many African-Americans. It takes drive, determination, and many times, sacrifice to get to the top of your game and I applaud those who do so. A few sports-related events that occurred today:

1990 - Lisa Leslie, future WNBA star, scored 101 points in the first half of a high school basketball game. The other team refused to play the second half.

1992 - Mike Tyson, former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, is on trial for rape, and testifies on his own behalf.

1993 - US and Australian Open, and Wimbledon Champion, Arthur Ashe dies from complications resulting from HIV. The official date of death for the tennis star is Feb 6, but some places say it is Feb 7 - so I decided to add him in today.

This Day in History: In 1986, Debi Thomas was at the top of her game and won the US Championship. What sport did she compete in?


Blogger robynl said...
figure skating

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Hey, Robyn, you're right!!! Thanks for dropping by.

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