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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Black History Month
The 1960's was a decade of unrest. While the seeds of discontent had been planted years before, it all seemed to come to a head during the "protest years". As a child living in the "north" during the majority of those years, I was probably oblivious to most of it. But, like many, I have read about those years and reaped the rewards of the sacrifices made by those who lived through them.

An incident on this day in 1960 reminds me of how far things have come. On that day, four black youths staged a sit-in at a lunch counter in a Woolworth's. Back then, blacks were not allowed to sit at the counter to be served, but, buoyed by the successes of the fledgling movement, these four young students took a chance and emerged unscathed.
Where (City and State) did this protest take place?

Other events to be remembered today:
1965 - Martin Luther King, Jr. and 700 demonstrators arrested in Selma, AL
1978 - Harriet Tubman is the first black woman honored with a U.S. postage stamp


Blogger Debby said...
Greensboro, North. Carolina

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Debby - you are correct!

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