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Monday, January 29, 2007
The End of an Era
The Regency officially came to an end when the Prince of Wales, Prinny to his inner circle, ascends the throne as King George IV. Despite that, some sources stretch the Regency period out for a few more years

The Regency was a period of excess. Under the leadership of the Prince of Wales, the ton (or Beau Monde) led glamorous, spoiled, glitzy, and shallow lives. If it wasn't for the threat (or excitement) of Napoleon raging across Europe during the same period, that time period might have been completely overlooked by writers such as moi. Instead, it has become a favorite period of historical romance authors, this one included. I like the time period for it's fairy-tale like simplicity with the dash of bravery and daring added by soldiers and spies. In short, it's an era that had a little something for everyone.

This Day in History: King George III dies at the age of 82 on this day in what year?
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