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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Cruising at 35,000 feet
For centuries before that cold December day in 1903 when the Wright brothers made their historic first flight, we have been reaching for the skies. First we tried by balloon, but that was severely limited and ended up becoming more of a "sport" than a viable travel option. Mass air travel was still a dream, but as the years went by it morphed from dream to possibility to reality; now it is almost a necessity. Life is such that being able to make meetings, get home, or rush to someone's bedside across the country in a matter of hours is taken for granted.

This Day in History: Today it would only take approximately five hours, but it took Amelia Earhart eighteen hours to make the first Honolulu (HI) to Oakland (CA) flight on this date in _________.
Blogger Debby said...
January 11, 1935 - First person to solo the 2,408-mile distance across the Pacific between Honolulu and Oakland, California; also first flight where a civilian aircraft carried a two-way radio

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Oooh, Debby, you're on a roll. Congratulations!

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