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Friday, December 08, 2006
This 'n That
Yesterday was a friend's daughter's birthday. I was good this year - I actually got a card off to her before the day before, so she should have received it by her birthday, right? WRONG!! I realized yesterday that I didn't put enough postage on the card. I still had a book of .37 stamps in my purse and just slapped one on without thinking and dropped the card in the mail. My guess is that after the Christmas rush, the post office will finally deliver it with "postage due" on it. That's what I get for trying to be organized.

On a high note. My book "Strikes Don't Matter" is finally sitting on the editor's desk instead of mine. SDM is about Gina, Kelly's best friend from Adopting Alyssa. It is actually a romance and I loved getting into her head and discovering why she'd turned her back on God. Trent has his work cut out to bring her back. But, it is a romance so, of course, he manages.

This weekend is my RWA Chapter's Christmas Luncheon. I'm looking forward to that. Afterwards, we will go to Borders and do gift wrapping. The wrapping is free, but donations are welcomed. All donations go to First Books - an organization dedicated to providing books for underprivileged kids. I'm terrible at gift wrapping, but I can try for a good cause.

Last year, I did bell ringing for the Salvation Army. It was cold, but at least I could do that. I miss not doing it this year.
Anonymous Tina Mellen said...
Hey "E"~
I didn't know you were writing books. Cool! I'd like to do the same one day. My dad says I'm a pretty good writer.

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