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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Goodbye 2006
I don't know that I'm ready for 2007, but, like Christmas, it will come anyway. I've never been a resolution person, so I don't plan to make any this year either. There are a few things I'd like to do, however. . . (not necessarily in the following order)
1. get all of my Victorians into my editor's in box - and, therefore, off my desk (2 down, 2 to go)
2. read a wider variety of books - my taste hasn't changed, but I enjoy a change from my usual occasionally, so I plan to try a few that I normally wouldn't read
3. lose weight - I'm comfortable with myself, but I wouldn't mind if I dropped a few pounds either
4. spend more time with my church youth - once my son leaves the group this year, I'd planned to quit as leader, but I'm having too much fun
5. sew more - I miss interacting with my sewing and embroidery machines and my serger on a regular basis
6. write - and sub - at least two novels this year

What about everyone else? Do you make resolutions - or just "to do" lists?
Blogger Michelle said...
I'm with the to do lists Denise. Resolutions seems too final and then I feel like I've failed if I don't do something. I have a lot of similar goals as you. I love hanging out with the youth group too. My kids aren't old enough yet so for me I get a different perspective with the high school students. It's a refreshing change from early elementary/preschoolers and babies! LOL

Happy New Year!

Blogger Denise Patrick said...
I understand, Michelle. I started really looking at the Youth Group when my oldest was in about 4th grade. Before that, they were too old, but still great to observe. Now that I'm leading them, I have great respect for people who are willing to take them on. Teenagers are a challenge as it is, but 15-20 that aren't even yours and are all different. . .well, I'm sure you get my drift. At heart, they are good kids, but some just need a little more guidance than others.

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