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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
In the Spirit
What do I do to get into the Christmas/Holiday Spirit?

1. I start with decorating - at work. I decorate my office and put Christmas CDs in my player, but at home I'm usually willing to wait. Why? Because as a child with a birthday in early January, I always felt cheated when the holidays spilled over on to my birthday, so I don't like doing that for my daughter who has a December birthday. She, on the other hand, has no such hang-up and often for her birthday wants to decorate the house for Christmas. So, what's an obsessive Mom to do? Get in the Spirit - go with the flow and let her determine when the Christmas decorations come out. It gets earlier every year, but I put my foot down at before Thanksgiving.

2. I reflect on the past year and all the blessings I've had. I remember the reason we celebrate Christmas and am thankful for the "greatest gift of all." (See my previous post.) And I look a little bit forward into the next year.

3. I start thinking about gifts. Yes, I'm a traditionalist - I don't even begin to worry about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. The only thing I'm likely to do beforehand is order Christmas cards if I'm getting personalized ones. Otherwise, I prefer to celebrate one holiday at a time.

4. I remember how glad I am that I'm no longer involved with the children's Christmas play at church. I loved doing them when I was in charge, but I now also love sitting in the audience and being a spectator.

So, what do you do to get into the holiday spirit?

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