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Friday, September 22, 2006
Slowing Down
One of these days I'm going to slow down. Unfortunately it won't be today, or tomorrow, or the next day. It's been a busy week at work and, although I love my job, sometimes I'd like to take a week and just concentrate on my writing or my family or church or myriad other things that command my non-work attention. Right now, however, that's just not possible. I am working on three huge projects at work that won't wait. They need to be done by the end of November (that's my artificial deadline), so they'll be ready for someone else to act upon them in January. We'll see if I get them done.

In the meantime, at home I'm writing and polishing my latest Inspy. It's a sequel to my November release and, after letting my CP read it and getting some feedback, I'm now doing some re-writing and will soon be sending it off. Then it's back to working on my third Victorian. I love writing, but sometimes the words just don't want to flow. We'll see what next week brings - more sleep, hopefully.

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