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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
A little about me
My guess is that I'm going to be talking to myself a lot out here, but for anyone intrepid enough to check me out, here's a bit about me.

I have lived around the military my entire life. I was born in a military hospital, joined the military myself after school, then married a military man shortly before I got out. He retired 16 years ago and our kids have no idea what they've missed out on by not growing up moving every 3-4 years. We have lived in our current home for 15 years - the longest I've lived anywhere.

I'm married to a wonderful man (22 years) and have two great children, ages 17 and 20.

I haven't been writing forever - it just seems like it. I started writing *mumble* years ago in Jr Hi. I started reading my Mom's romance novels at about the same time. I'm dating myself by telling you we were Barbara Cartland addicts back then and I've never gotten away from those type of romances - the sickeningly sweet and innocent girl and the jaded rake. Corny - yeah, but I still love 'em. What I write is a lot like that - with an occasional nod to reality. I'll post more about my upcoming releases soon.

I love to read. Despite what I like to write, I will read almost anything - as long as it's a romance. Romances give me a chance to escape the everyday world. There's nothing like curling up on the couch with a book and losing oneself in the past or another world for a few hours.

I am a committed Christian and very actively involved in my church. (I'll add a link to its website one of these days.) I just came off a stint as Church Moderator and am now scaling back to where I'm only chairing one committee, leading the Youth Group, working with the Children's Choir, and running the Jr/Sr High Camp during the summer.

I also love to sew and craft. Earlier this year, I bought myself an embroidery machine so I could personalize more of the things I make - mainly baby bibs and book covers for friends. I did buy myself some material and a pattern for a new tennis outfit earlier this summer. Too bad it's still in the bag. I'll get to it before NEXT summer.

In the mean time, I've survived this summer with the tennis outfits I have. By next summer, however, I hope to be a little slimmer, so I'll be able to make that outfit smaller. How's that for incentive? And, since my tennis coach is a slave driver, I shouldn't have any problems losing the weight.

And, oh yeah, I work full time.

Busy? Moi? Sez who?


Blogger Glamorous Redneck said...
Yay! Welcome to the blogosphere! Blogspot is LOTS of fun!


Blogger Denise Patrick said...
Ooooh, my first comment! Thanks for dropping by, Goo.

Blogger Michele said...
Welcome! Remember to hit Refresh to see any changes (hee hee).

Blogger Cindy K. Green said...
Nice to meet you Denise. I am a By Grace author as well - at least I will be come Decemeber!! You can visit my website at I am planning to add a link page so I can add your blog page if you like. Feel free to add me to your page as well. Take Care. Cindy

Blogger Slave Driver said...
How cool, someone else who comments on someone else who is in Salt Lake City.


I'm not in Utah RWA but I am in LUW. Maybe some day our paths will cross. Or, stop by Temple Square. I work there on Friday and Saturday nights and am easy to recognize. I'm the fabulous one holding the horse on a string.

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