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Friday, September 15, 2006
Getting Away
I need a break. Last night, I hit the "Send" button on my second Victorian. Twice in one week is enough for me. So, this weekend I'm headed to the mountains -- to work!

For the past three Summers I have been the director for the Jr/Sr High Camp at the camp co-owned by our church. It is a beautiful place as you can see and I love getting away and being with the kids. Every Fall we hold a "work day" to go up and help do some maintenance around the camp. My kids and I always go - we love Camp UTABA. September's weather is often iffy, but we usually have it good. Not so this weekend. The forecast is for rain and possible snow - and the plan was to re-roof some of the cabins!

We might just get up there and find there's nothing to do except sit around and talk. Sounds fine to me. I'm taking my laptop along just in case. Whatever happens, I get to go up and spend the night in a cabin and have someone else do the cooking - that's my kind of weekend.

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