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Sunday, October 19, 2014
On Inactivity. . .and a new group
I haven't been out here in over a year. I know. . .I know. It's been a tough year, but I could have at least gotten out here at least ONCE or TWICE. Well, I suppose I learned my lesson because it has taken me THREE DAYS to get into my blog. I'm not sure what changed over the past year, but I will try to make sure that I don't get left behind again.

In the meantime, it has been a busy year as well as a tough one. This summer it seemed like I was never at home, which also meant that I didn't get much written. *sigh*

Now, however, I have a new resolve. A new group has been born and I'm hoping that I will get myself back into actively writing and participating online. In case you haven't heard of them, check out the Historical Romance Network for a new perspective on historical romance. It's not just Regencies and Victorians any more!

We are also scheduling events to bring more awareness to historical romance. The first one is coming up soon. It will coincide with our time change in the US. The Fall Back In Time event will consist of selfies of authors and fans reading historical romance. Check out the poster below and join in on the fun.

Check out the webpage, and find out more about historical romance and its authors, and don't forget to like us on Facebook.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013
The Booksigning That Wasn't. . .

. . .a booksigning, that is.

The booksigning at RomCon wasn't what I expected. The only books available were brought by the authors. Some authors were selling them; others were just giving them away. Still, other authors were giving away goodie bags, or just (like me) had cover flats to sign for fans. Not that I had lots of fans (still working on that), but it was fun to watch and learn.

I think next year, I might bring some books to sell, but we will have to see if this techno-challenged oldster can figure out how to set it up. Either that, or I can just take cash. I did have a great time talking with the author next to me, and watching who the most popular among the fans were. Needless to say, there were too many to name, but I did notice that there wasn't anything in particular the popular vs non-popular were doing. It really did seem to be name recognition.

I have already registered for next year's RomCon. Now that I have some idea what goes on, I've already started looking for goodie bag contents and other things. I've got almost an entire year, and I love to create things. So, maybe it's time to put on the creative hat and see what percolates to the top.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013
Historical Hijinks at RomCon

So, I'm back after a week at teen camp. It was fun, and exhausting. I love being around teenagers. They have so much energy and enthusiasm that I hope a little will rub off on me.

Now, back to RomCon. The next activity I participated in was Historical Hijinks, pulled together by Melissa Mayhue. A number of historical authors all got together for historical fun and games. I was partnered with Elizabeth Essex and we played a dice game. Each participant got their own pair of dice and a stake of (foil-wrapped chocolate) coins. We played Crown and Anchor, a game played by sailors in the Royal Navy while away on ships. Although, they played it on dry land, too. It was hilarious. If you have never played dice with Elizabeth, you have no idea what you're missing. I'm already looking forward to next year!

The other activities in the room involved learning how to use a fan, needlepoint, and two others that my poor brain has forgotten.

Each participant received a goody bag filled with books, bookmarks, and other swag donated by each of the authors. My contribution was a small porcelain flowered trinket box.

I hope we will be doing some more hijinks next year, and that more will join us.

Up next: the booksigning. Until then, I hope you are reading some wonderful books this summer.

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Friday, July 05, 2013
Speed Dating at RomCon
I have to admit - I had no idea what to expect. Even though someone can tell you about it, there's nothing like actual experience. So, I went into this particular activity with no idea what to expect.

So, here is the concept. A bunch of authors are sitting at tables around the room - much like a booksigning. As the conference participants come in, they take seats and get a chance for a 2-minute one-on-one with the author.

Now, if you've ever clocked it, two minutes is not a lot of time. It's barely enough time for the author to tell the reader about their books and hand out swag (bookmarks, trinkets, etc.) and, unfortunately, not anywhere near enough time for the reader to ask questions. I found this to be a drawback.

I'm not a very social person. I don't do well in crowds - but I love getting to know people one-on-one, so Speed Date An Author should have been just my cup of tea. But it wasn't. There just wasn't enough time. I enjoyed the time I had, but it seemed that just as the conversation with a reader was getting interesting, it was time for them to move on to the next author.

I don't fault RomCon. They want to give readers and authors the widest exposure to each other, and with so many authors, there is only so much time for readers to get to know authors in a formal setting. I do think that they should look into ways to expand it to five minutes, though.

So, that's my take on my first experience at speed dating. It was fun and the readers I spoke with were great. And, since I was a newbie, I was glad to be involved at all.

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Monday, June 24, 2013
Rom Con
Where to begin?

I hadn't been to a conference other than my local chapter one in three years. The last RWA National I went to was in Orlando in 2010. So, I was itchin' to go somewhere this year. I seriously thought about RT, but it was too early. Then I remembered RomCon. I've been friends with Melissa Mayhue for a while and knew she had been before, so I contacted her.

"You'll have a great time!" was her enthusiastic recommendation. So I signed up - for everything. I signed up for a Buddy Group and met three of the most interesting and diverse women. The first night in the bar, I met Laci Paige. The next day I met a number of staff from the Wild Rose Press, and the Plotting Princesses. These ladies from the Dallas area were just the pick-me-up I needed. Between the princesses, Laci, and my buddies, I was set for the weekend with friends galore.

RomCon is a conference for the reader. There are Intimate chats, author panels, speed-date-an-author, games and activities, and lots of swag. And the readers (fans) love every minute of it.

As I'm writing this, I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures. I almost always take a camera when I go places - and this conference was no exception - but you can't take pictures if you don't ever take the darn thing out of the bag!

So, what did I do? Come back in as couple of days as I talk about each of the three activities I participated in and give you my take on them.

See you in a few days!

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